Collection Series

Mihogo Electric Bike Collection

1. Mihogo Fat Tire Electric Bike
A must-have for adventure seekers, the Mihogo Fat Tire Electric Bike, is the perfect companion for off-road adventures. The wide, robust tires offer excellent grip and stability on all types of terrains, from city streets to sandy beaches and snowy trails. This fat tire bike is powered by a robust battery, ensuring you have the power to conquer any landscape with ease.

2. Mihogo Electric Road Bike
Experience speed and efficiency on urban streets and country roads with the Mihogo Electric Road Bike. This bike's lightweight frame coupled with a high-powered electric motor makes it ideal for quick commutes and long weekend rides. A road-optimized design means this electric road bike will get you where you need to go, fast.

3. Mihogo Electric Commuter Bike
Breeze through your daily commute with the Mihogo Electric Commuter Bike. Designed with the daily commuter in mind, this electric bike combines comfort, speed, and durability. The strong battery provides extended range, enabling you to ride longer distances on a single charge. This electric commuter bike promises a hassle-free and eco-friendly commute, ensuring you arrive at your destination fresh and ready for the day.

Mihogo Electric Bicycle Kit Collection

1. Mihogo Basic Electric Bike Conversion Kit
Transform your standard bicycle into an e-bike with our Basic Electric Bike Conversion Kit. This easy-to-install kit comes with a hub motor, battery, and all the electric bike accessories you need to electrify your ride. Enjoy the freedom of biking farther and faster with less effort.

2. Mihogo Premium Electric Bike Conversion Kit
Take your biking experience to the next level with the Mihogo Premium Electric Bike Conversion Kit. This kit includes a powerful motor, long-lasting battery, controller, and display, along with other essential electric bike accessories. Experience the thrill of high-speed biking with this top-of-the-line conversion kit.

3. Mihogo Advanced Electric Bike Conversion Kit
Our Advanced Electric Bike Conversion Kit offers a comprehensive solution for transforming your regular bike into a high-performance e-bike. The kit comes with a high-torque motor, long-range battery, high-quality controller, and a digital display along with all the necessary wiring and electric bike accessories for a smooth conversion process.

4. Mihogo All-in-one Electric Bike Conversion Kit
The Mihogo All-in-one Electric Bike Conversion Kit is your one-stop solution to electrify your bicycle. This all-inclusive kit comes with a motor, battery, controller, and all other essential electric bike accessories. It offers an easy installation process, making it the perfect choice for both beginners and experienced e-bike enthusiasts.

5. Mihogo Ultimate Electric Bike Conversion Kit
The Ultimate Electric Bike Conversion Kit from Mihogo is designed for those who seek the very best in performance and reliability. This kit provides a powerful motor, a high-capacity battery, an advanced controller, and a multi-function display among other electric bike accessories. Transform your ordinary bike into an extraordinary e-bike with this ultimate kit.

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